Improvement Pill

Lesson #1 : Give Up The Button 


What Does This Poster Symbolize?
(Reading This Will Make The Poster's Effect 5x Stronger)

Hi there, 

When I first got started on my self-development journey I had a large poster positioned right in front of my bed. Every single day, when I woke up, it was the first thing I would see. It would instantly remind me about what I wanted to accomplish and it was my source of motivation for many many years.

After starting Improvement Pill and growing the channel to the size that it's at right now, I decided that I wanted to create something similar for you guys.

The focus of the channel over the last couple of months has been about habits. I recently released the Tamed Course on YouTube for free. It goes into detail about exactly how you can replace the bad habits in your life with good ones. If you can pull this off, your life will drastically change for the better.

I wanted to create a poster that you could place on your wall as a reminder and as a source of motivation throughout this journey.

So here is the meaning behind Give Up The Button:

1. Almost everyone has a button. Something that can provide instant satisfaction with little to no effort.

(Some of the most common buttons out there are: alcohol, smoking, pornography, video games, TV shows, and junk food)

2. The poster starts off black and white. This is because when our lives become completely overrun by our bad habits, the world becomes bland.

(Things that used to bring us joy and were considered to be fun no longer excite us. Our levels of motivation drop extremely low. The world feels like it's black and white.)

3. If you step away from the button (your bad habit), color will return to your world.

(When you decrease the amount of dopamine stimulation, your body will increase the amount of dopamine receptors in your body. This literally makes regular things feel more exciting - more colorful)

Think about these points whenever you look at this poster. 

Remind yourself why you're trying to change your life in the first place.

And Best Of Luck On Your Journey

-Improvement Pill