To Be Honest

If you're on this page you probably saw my video about "Making Money Online". That video was created over a year ago and a lot has changed since then. In my opinion Kindle Money Mastery is still a decent course. However the market is NOW very saturated. This means it is significantly harder for you to be successful on the Amazon Kindle platform. 

What I'd recommend for anyone who is looking to make money online is to learn about digital marketing. It is a brand new field that has emerged due to social media marketing. 

There are a lot of companies hiring. The pay is decent (average 40-60 thousand your first year), but the potential for growth is huge. If you become a good digital marketer, you can easily make 6 digits. On top of that it's the sort of job that allows you to remote work. In fact, many of the people I've worked with have been able to work entirely from home after negotiating with their superiors.  

Here's a link to a free course by a good friend of mine on Digital Marketing: Click Here

If you are still interested in the KMoneyMastery Course: Click Here